New e-Commerce Cockpit for silver.e-shop

22 Apr

More control over figures and numbers

Shop owners or shop managers always need to have the best possible overview of performance statistics, sales figures and other key factors in the sales process. For B2B web shops most of those statistics and data are pulled from the ERP system and connected BI tools. Those are powerful tools with some of the most advanced features for reports and statistics. But what about quick insights into the current shop performance or some reliable numbers on shop usage? We are regularly asked for a simple tool that is already integrated into the shop itself and supports shop managers in their daily work. With this specific need in mind the monitoring tool of our e-Commerce solution silver.e-shop has been totally reworked and updated. The e-Commerce Cockpit now presents shop managers with all relevant information at a glance.

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eZ Publish und die REST Schnittstelle

16 Apr

Mit eZ Publish 4.5 bzw. der 4.2011 Community Edition wurde auch eine neue Erweiterung eingeführt: Die REST-Schnittstelle. Damit ist ein einfacher, standardisierter und erweiterbarer Zugriff auf eZ-Inhalte von anderen Anwendungen aus möglich. Insbesondere ist die neue Schnittstelle für mobile Endgeräte gedacht.  Continue reading “eZ Publish und die REST Schnittstelle” »