eZ Publish 5: Custom tags with Symfony services

13 Feb

How to render a custom tag for XML Text using your Symfony services and templates

One of my favorite features of eZ Publish is the ability to create nice-looking content with various nicely formatted blocks. That makes reading more interesting for the user. Due to storing content as XML it is possible to present information however you want. Along with a big number of standard tags like paragraph, image or table you are free to create your own custom tags: an embedded YouTube video, Google Maps, a sllideshare presentation, a source code block with syntax highlighting, QR-code etc. This article will show you how to use Symfony services to render custom tags.

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Extend eZ 5.3 – Change user authentication to login with email

11 Jul

Sometimes it is required that a user needs to be logged in additionally via email address, not only via username. In eZ Publish prior to version 5.3 this was possible since eZ provided legacy settings (site.ini) for it:


Starting with eZ 5.3 the logic has been changed and eZ Publish is now using the security feature of Symfony. This means a login with the email address isn´t possible anymore and eZ will use the login only.  The new version seems to ignore the settings defined in „AuthenticateMatch“.

If you want to allow this functionality, there are two things that you need to do:

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Google Analytics und eZ Publish

2 Jul

Google Analytics ist derzeit in Deutschland nicht gerade die beliebteste Statistiklösung, da es lange Zeit nicht rechtlich sicher einsetzbar war. Aber mittlerweile hat Google stark nachgebessert und seit einiger Zeit ist Analytics nun auch in Deutschland datenschutzkonform einsetzbar. In diesem Artikel zeige ich, wie Du Google Analytics nutzen kannst und das Ganze in 10 min einbaust.

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